Piraeus Hotel List

This is an indicative List of Hotels within walking distance from the Competition Venues!

If you cannot find something that suits your needs, you can always book within Athens, choosing somewhere close to a subway or train station.

Hotel Delfini 210-4173110 http://www.hotel-delfini.com
Hotel Ionion 210-4135065 http://www.hotel-ionion.gr
Hotel Sparti 215-5452439 http://www.hotelikarospireus.com
Hotel Ikaros 210-4129305 http://www.hotelikarospireus.com
Hotel Adonis 210-4520330  
Hotel Pharos 210-4282800  
Hotel Faros 210-4295171 http://faroshotel.info
Hotel Lilia 210-4179108-346 http://www.liliahotel.gr
Hotel Ideal 210-4294050 http://www.ideal-hotel.gr
Hotel Savoy 210-4284580 http://www.savoyhotel.gr
Hotel The Park 210-4524611 http://www.thepark.gr/
Piraeus City Hotel 210-4110555  
Argo Anita Hotel 210-4121795 http://www.hotelargoanita.com/
Piraeus Port Hotel 210-4121112  
Phidias Piraeus Hotel 210-4296160 http://www.hotelphidias.gr
Atladis Hotel  210-4293834  
Eva Hotel 210-4170110 http://www.hotel-eva.gr/
Hotel Electra 210-4112730 http://hotel-electra.gr/
Hotel Anemoni 210-4111768 https://www.anemoni.gr
Hotel Niki 210-4116602 http://www.niki-hotel.gr/
Hotel Glaros 210-4515421 http://www.glaros-hotel.gr
Theoxenia 210-4112550 https://theoxeniapalace.com

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